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Wedding Bands in France: our Guide!

For the big day, no excuses, everything has to be perfect. But you don’t necessarily know how to proceed for the wedding musical entertainment side, especially in France. Linkaband takes care of doing EVERYTHING for you. From A to Z. In this article discover the average quote, what it covers, and of course: the best available bands

Wedding Bands in France

Wedding Bands in France

With a team of bookers at the forefront of the musical trend (hi to the office next door) they will know how to listen to your desires, and offer you an ideal music group for your wedding but also a price that will respect your wallet.

Do not hesitate to submit a quote with all the information requested and the team will call you back without delay.

They will accompany you from the quote until the day of your wedding in order to ensure you a service and an event to perfection without compromise. The number for all your questions? +33 1 84 80 14 40

You can also use our search pages for solo musicians and DJs.

How mutch will cost your Wedding ?

A wedding is expensive, we are not going to hide our face. But how much will yours cost ?

To make your job easier, Linkaband has concocted a simulator to calculate the budget for your dream wedding in just a few clicks!

What are the prices of a band for a wedding in France? 

Let’s start directly with what interests you the most: prices. You should know that each group has a different price. Depending on the method of payment of the group, its notoriety or its experience in live music. But one thing is clear and valid for all situations: the more members there are in the group, the more the price will increase.

Quartet, Quintet, jazz band or wedding orchestra, you still have to pay the service providers who make them up to the legal minimum in the event environment.

Why? You should know that each artist in the group is paid individually. So the price of musical entertainment is the sum of the salaries of the musicians of the orchestra. This one swells based on their notoriety and charges (but we’ll get to that later).

The price that will be communicated to you is therefore largely based on the performance of the group as a whole. Thus, the prices of a band for a wedding in France vary according to the number of musicians. To give you a better idea, here is a price range:

So, for one hour of service, count on average 250 euros including tax for an artist. For a trio, the price is around 700 euros. For a quartet group, 900 euros on average.

The Best Wedding Bands available in France

Mademoizel Quartet

Mademoizel Quartet

This group made up of 4 musicians interprets with passion and tenderness a classic of music. Adding a touch of humour, they will bring a chic but light atmosphere to your private parties.

The Mademoizel Quartet, a female string quartet from Music Event Fever, made up of musicians from major conservatories offers a wide and varied repertoire, from classical to pop and variety, tangos and world music, or even electro.

Discover this wedding band

Basilic Swing

Basilic Swing Wedding Band

Basilic Swing demonstrates that you can do something new with something old. This quintet is inspired by the traditional music of Eastern Europe and American jazz to provide a musical and wildly festive energy! With its fusion repertoire of gypsy jazz, Klezmer and Gypsy music, Basilic Swing will take you to the roots of the itinerant cultures of Central and Eastern Europe and American jazz.

Discover this wedding band


B-Sides Wedding Band

The group covers here the greatest titles of the legendary British group the Beatles. Between “Yesterday”, “All you need is love” or even “Money” the fans of the group will be like crazy!

B-Sides can perform in duos or trios. The choice is yours ! For your public or private events, the Group covers the hits and B-sides of the Fab Four on the same instruments as at the time! From Please Please Me to Get Back to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! A Re-discovery of the Beatles with a very Rock soul!

Discover this wedding band

What impacts the price of a wedding band ? 

The popularity of the group

Of course, these prices are subject to change depending on the reputation of the group and their experience. Thus, a popular group with more experience will have a higher rate than a less popular group.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet on them, though. We must give them the opportunity to stand out and thus become the BB Brunes of tomorrow. So you can brag and say, “I discovered this band first!” when they become known nationally and internationally!

Also trust your ears. Professional wedding planners do not look at the prices but listen to the artist's first. On Linkaband, in our wedding musicians search catalogue, our talents leave videos and their playlists on their profiles so that you can enjoy their music, before discussing their price and the different formulas for your private party.

The Duration of the Service

Same for the duration of the service, if you bet on two hours of service for a duo, count 450 euros including tax. While a reasonable price for a quartet will start at 900 euros.

A festive evening’s entertainment can last until the end of the night! Because the ball rarely ends at midnight, don’t be surprised by the ringing of the bells and calculate the duration of the concert you have chosen.

The presence of musicians throughout the day is quite possible! However, plans with the artists include the planning of their performances: the musicians and orchestras, although often exceptional, are not insensitive to fatigue!

The Place of the Reception

If you are getting married in our beautiful France or you need a band in the south of France as in the Ardennes; where even in a big city of Yvelines, we advise you to bet on local artists who are not very far from the wedding venue.

Firstly, it will allow you to save travel costs but also the accommodation of the group and thus not pay a supplement. And secondly, you are doing something for our dear planet which has not been doing very well for some time. How?

By contacting a local group, you limit the CO2 emissions caused by a long journey. Having an eco-friendly soul, Linkaband offers artists throughout France to satisfy everyone and in all French regions. But if the group you want is forced to travel, well, it will be necessary to add to the price of the performance, the travel expenses as well as the accommodation of the music group.

Thus the price for a music group for a wedding in France is as follows: for a two-hour musical performance, a musician is charged 250 euros including tax. For a duo the average price is 480 euros, 700 for a trio or 900 euros for a quartet. The number of musicians is only one criterion among many others (duration, experience) and these prices are given for information only!

Remember that it is more complicated to book a pianist and his piano, or a drummer and his drums. Plans to transport the artists’ sound and light equipment, in case you cannot provide it yourself.

Find a wedding band now! 

From Pop Rock to Gospel via French variety without forgetting swing, we have everything you need for a musical dinner or private parties. We have hundreds of musical universes to offer. You will be guided in this fabulous symphonic world by a singer and guitarist, a saxophonist, an accordionist, masters who know the registers and the sounds that must be looped during your event evenings.

Bryan Kulka

Bryan Kulka

Journaliste international constamment en quête d'évasion. Après avoir exploré l'Amérique Latine et l'Asie, il atterrit aujourd'hui sur la planète Linkaband pour une nouvelle aventure musicale.


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