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Spanish singer: Discover our Top 14!

Who is your favorite Spanish singer? Many of us appreciate Spanish music. They make us sing, dance, they make us smile. Because you love them so much, we have prepared a top 15 of the best Spanish singers for you!

Spanish singer: a guitarist in a colorful street in Spain.

The Spanish singer is a ray of sunshine. His warm melodies take us on a journey to southern Europe and all Latin countries. When we talk about Spanish music, we often think of those festive Spanish hits that stick in our heads for months. But Spanish music is also sweetness, love songs, committed songs...

Find out which Spanish singer or Spanish singer you prefer in this top 15!

What you can put together a caliente playlist with the most beautiful Spanish songs and with our Spanish musicians!

Jeanette, a great Spanish singer

Jeanette is a young Spanish singer and guitarist known in the 70s. She is an author, composer and performer who began her solo career in Spain in 1970. The singer in Spanish knows a great success with her first single “Soy Rebelde” in 1971. She released her first solo album, “Palabras, promesas”, in 1973.

His songs are ballads with touching lyrics, real pop, electro-pop and rock poems.

But, if you know her, it's more likely for her interpretation of the song "Porque te vas", a love song, or rather breakup, composed by José Luis Perales in 1974. This composition sung by Jeanette went around the world when it was chosen to be the soundtrack of the film “Cría cuervos” by Carlos Saura in 1976.

Jeanette Playlist

Julio Iglesias, the essential Spanish singer

Julio Iglesias is a Spanish international singer and songwriter. He is the Spanish singer to have sold the most albums in the world. He recorded more than 80 albums during his 53 year career. He sings in the Spanish language, but also in French, in Portuguese, and in a dozen other languages.

Among his greatest hits, we find songs like “I haven't changed”, “Manuela” or “ The world is crazy, the world is beautiful”. Without forgetting “Pauvres Diables”, a song from 1978 which will be covered by Johnny Hallyday in 2001 for the soundtrack of the film “August 15”.

Julio Iglesias, Me Olvide De Vivir

Raphael spanish singer

Raphael is a Spanish Andalusian singer and actor who has been singing since a young age. Raphael's career took off when he won first prize at the Benidorm festival in 1962. He became famous all over the world, performed concerts in the most prestigious places and never stopped releasing albums.

He was also chosen to represent Spain at Eurovision two consecutive years. At 77, the Spanish singer artist still has a national tour scheduled for this year.

Raphael Playlist

Miguel Ríos, the innovative Spanish singer

Miguel Ríos is a Spanish singer and actor born in Granada, Spain. He is considered the first Spanish singer to perform Rock n Roll in the country.

He paid homage to Beethoven with the song “Himno de la alegría” (“Hymn of joy” in French), released in 1970. Singing in English on the sonorities from the last movement of his 9th symphony by Beethoven, Miguel Ríos stands out with this piece of symphonic rock that conquered the world. It was his biggest musical success.

A Spanish singer from the 80s who marked the music. In 1982, he released an album entitled “Rock and Rios”, which is considered one of the major works of Iberian rock. On stage, during his tour, the Spanish singer unleashes the crowds with the songs from this album, accompanied by musicians with electric guitars, a bass player and a drummer.

Miguel Rios Playlist

José Carreras, a Spanish singer of another class

José Carreras is not a Spanish singer like the others, he is an opera singer. An exceptional tenor voice that has resonated in the most prestigious places. For nearly 30 years, he performed an unimaginable number of roles.

Passionate about classical music from an early age, the Spanish opera singer had to end his career due to illness, but you can still hear the songs of José Carreras thanks to the filmed operas. Listen to Giacomo Puccini's La Bohème, Leonardo Bernstein's West Side Story, or other recordings in which José Carreras has sung.

Jose Carreras Playlist

Ricky Martin, Latin music star

Ricky Martin is a star from an early age. At six years old, he is already making appearances in commercials. The Spanish singer made his debut in the music industry in a boy band, before going solo and releasing his first self-titled album when he was 20 years old.

Very popular in Latin America, it was with his third album, which is called “A Medio Vivir”, that his career took off. turning. The title “Maria” is his first single to go around the world.

Ricky Martin is considered “the king of Latin music”, just that! The composer and performer has now sold more than 90 million albums.

Ricky Martin Playlist

Las Ketchup, a family story

Las ketchup is a Hispanic group of three sisters, a shock trio that had enormous success in the 2000s. The 3 Spanish singers released their first album in 2002 and their first single, "Aserejé” (or “The Ketchup Song”), a mixture of flamenco and pop, becomes the hit of the summer. It must be said that the choreography remains good in memory.

The group of singers was awarded twice in 2003, as international revelation of the year by an NRJ Music Award and by the Lo Nuestro 2003 prize as pop revelation of the year. They will only release a second and last album in 2006, composed with their fourth sister, a Spanish flamenco singer and also pop, but the quartet will not be as successful.

Las ketchup Playlist

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Bebe, a sensitive and touching voice

Baby Spanish singer from Valencia, Spain. Bebe, whose real name is María Nieves Rebolledo Vila, has many talents: from an early age, she has been an author, composer, performer and also an actress. She has four albums to her credit and has acted in five films.

She is a fairly discreet artist in France, but has had success in Spain. In particular, she has been awarded several times for her remarkable Spanish songs. I let you discover “Malo”, a very beautiful piece released in 2004, which defends the rights of women by denouncing the violence against them.

Bebe Playlist

Manu Chao, a simple and effective Spanish singer

French singer (born in France), but of Spanish origin, Manu Chao shines all over the world. He is a singer-songwriter who rose to fame with his first alternative rock and Latin music group Mano Negra. Throughout his career, he takes place in different groups that make him evolve.

But he also took off in a solo career and released his first album in 1998, which was a great success. In the same vein, his second albumPróxima Estación: Esperanza” released in 2001, which mixes reggae, Latin music, rock and jazz, is also a great success.

You probably know his Spanish and French songMe Gustas Tu”, whose lyrics, as simple in the chorus as in the verses, easily stick in your head. (you may have had to go there to learn Spanish).

Manu Chao Playlist

Nathalie Cardone, a Franco-Spanish singer

Well, I grant you, it's a very French-speaking name... But her mother is Spanish, so she falls into the Franco-Spanish singer category! She is not one of the most famous Spanish singers, but she has managed to stand out in the music charts.

While she is an actress, she begins her career as a singer thanks to a chance encounter. A French producer and composer, a certain Laurent Boutonnat, would like the song “Hasta Siempre” to be covered and interpreted by a Spanish-speaking singer. It was Nathalie Cardone who covered the song in Spanish in 1997 and it ranked n°2 in the Top 50 in France.

Once her musical career was launched, the singer began to write and released new songs (French variety or Spanish songs), and even two albums. But, no new title ranks higher than “Hasta Siempre”.

Nathalie Cardone Playlist

Alejandro Sanz, the most profitable Spanish singer in history

Alejandro Sanz is a Spanish singer and musician (he plays classical guitar and piano). To sum up his biography in a few words: he has sold 25 million albums, he has won numerous awards (including 3 Grammy Awards) and has collaborated with big stars like Alicia Keys or Shakira.

Alejandro Sanz is responsible for the best-selling album in the history of Spanish music. Más, released in 1997, counts more than 2 million sales in Spain, and is in first position with a lot of advance. In his compositions, he mixes pop music, rock, funk, flamenco, Latin, rhythms that fit together perfectly and make him successful.

Alejandro Sanz Playlist

Mecano, a successful Spanish group

A Spanish pop-rock music group that consists of the Spanish singer Ana Torroja and two composers and guitarists, Nacho and José María Cano. It was the reference rock group at the time in Spain, but they were also known in Latin American countries and France.

The group stands out by addressing new subjects in their songs at the time: homosexuality, drugs... A rebirth for a society that still has many taboo subjects. Among their best songs are “Mujer contra Mujer”, “Hijo de la luna” and “Naturaleza Muerta”.

The group broke up in 1992 and Ana Torroja embarked on a solo career. With each new single or album of the Spanish singer, the public hopes to see them reunite, which will finally happen in 1998 to record an album with 8 new songs.

Mecano Playlist

Enrique Iglesias, a Spanish singer known all over the world

Originally from Spain, Enrique Iglesias began his career in Latin America where he was one of the most famous singers, and is now known all over the world. No wonder, since his love songs are in Spanish, English, and even sometimes in French thanks to several collaborations.

After 27 years of career, the Spanish singer known all over the world has sold more than 60 million albums and 40 million singles worldwide, he has several No. 1 titles in the charts more prestigious, he has made several world tours and has been awarded 45 times! And that’s not counting its millions, if not billions, of views on Youtube. Spanish Singer 2015 and Spanish Singer 2016 with great success, the known Spanish singer has been more discreet for a few years, but his career has not is not over!

Following in his father's footsteps, the singer in Spanish has won a string of victories and doesn't seem to want to stop. Maybe a new album soon?

Enrique Iglesias Playlist

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