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Italian singer : who are the best?

Here is a small list of the best Italian singers of yesterday and today, a travel to the Mediterranean, to listen the stories of a civilization and its art of living that has been there since Antiquity. ..

Italian singer in front of his microphone on stage and in the shadows before a concert.

Italian singer

There's something magical about Italian singers, don't you think? It is perhaps thanks to the incredible sounds of this Latin language mixed with a folkloric stamp that smells olive trees... Who knows! In any case, our singers love them and regularly add them to their repertoire, so this topic deserves to be addressed.

The 10 most famous Italian singers:

They may not be available for reservation, but their voices have inspired all of our musicians drawn to this spellbinding folk style. It is never too late to discover, rediscover and draw inspiration from the great classics of Italy. With the next 10 stars, you'll have enough to make a playlist that everyone agrees on!

Andrea Bocelli

  • Italian singer born in 1958
  • Started his career in 1994
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian song, Latin pop

Adriano Celentano

  • Italian singer born in 1938
  • Started his career in 1957
  • Status: singer-songwriter, Italian actor
  • Style: Italian song, Italian rock

Like many Italian singers of his time, it was massive immigration that exported his titles to the four corners of the globe. This character from Milan is a national icon, because like Elvis Presley on the other side of the Atlantic, he revolutionized music and dance with his unique voice, look and movements.

Adriano Celentano brought a completely different style to Italy. He dusted off old records to create a style that changed the Italian music scene forever. With him, Italian show business took off.

Al Bano

  • Italian singer born in 1943
  • Started his career in 1965
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian chanson, pop

Al Bano is inseparable from Romina Power. Together, the married couple form a duet that will take Italian pop to a whole new level. The creation of their group in 1975 is a new way for them to unite in a second musical marriage.

It is their double participation in the Eurovision contest, and their song “Ci sarà” which confirms their timeless status. If in France they are part of the past, they still give many concerts in Eastern Europe and Russia, regions where they are simply adored.

Eros Ramazzotti

  • Italian singer born in 1963
  • Started his career in 1981
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian song, pop rock

Eros Ramazzotti is dark Italian charm. But of course, it's not just a pretty face, it's also a reference. More than 40 years of career have erected him at the top of the Italian pop industry. In addition to his innate musical feather, he has a magnetic stage presence. He is the pride of a music-loving and working-class father by becoming the symbol of the Italian middle class and the ability to rise through music and passion.

Laura Pausini

  • Italian singer born in 1974
  • Started his career in 1993
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian song, Spanish song, pop

While she was still a child, her father regularly asked her to join him on stage. Before filling stadiums, his audience numbered ten regulars at the Faenza piano bar in northeastern Italy. Promised to a great future, she participates in local singing competitions and will soon sign her first contract with a label.

Today she is one of those mythical divas, envied by all women and desired by all men in Italy. But she cannot be satisfied with her native country, or even her language. She therefore produced many albums in Spanish to make herself known worldwide. A bet that allowed him to obtain Latin Grammy Awards.


  • Italian singer born in 1940
  • Started his career in 1958
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian song, jazz

Here is another pretty piece of fabric in the colors of Italy, a singer with a voice and charisma that symbolizes an era: the 60s. If the United States had Barbra Streisand, Canada, Celine Dion and France, Edith Piaf, be sure Italy got Mina. Italian music personified in its most feminine and deep form.

What is all the more incredible is that she has never been seen in a concert hall. Her fame is in the bars and with her records that she forged it. Like what, some singers are so good, that their music speaks for them.

Luciano Pavarotti

  • Italian singer born in 1935 and died in 2007
  • Began his career in 1961 and ended it in 2006
  • Status: Italian opera singer
  • Style: Italian song, opera, classical, gospel

Coming from a very modest family, a baker father and a cigar-roller mother, tenor Luciano Pavarotti succeeded in conquering the prestigious and impenetrable world of opera. He began in 1961 at the Teatro Reggio Emilia in the role of “Rodolfo” in the play La Bohème. He then went to the Royal Opera House in London and then set out to conquer America in the Miami production of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor. Despite the seriousness of this status, Luciano Pavarotti was also known for his humor.

His television appearances have made opera popular and have inspired many artists to embark on this symphonic and timeless adventure. In particular with the “Pavarotti & Friends” event which brought together artists from all over the world and of all styles such as Sting, Bryan Adams, Bohno, Elton John, John Bon Jovi, Céline Dion, James Brown, Queen and many more. names that make you dizzy.


  • Italian singer born in 1972
  • Started his career in 1986
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian chanson, pop

Nek is a big Italian star, but he is especially popular in Latin America because of the Spanish versions of his most famous songs. Filippo Neviani, his real name, was born in Sassuolo. It was in this town in the province of Modena that he learned to play drums and guitar. He began to make a name for himself in the 80s in Bologna with the soft-rock group White Lady. In 1991, he came second at the Castrocaro Song Festival that leads to excellence.

Tiziano Ferro

  • Italian singer born in 1980
  • Started his career in 2001
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian chanson, pop

Flag bearer of the LGBT community and great defender of young victims of harassment because of their weight, he is an artist as committed as he is famous. He broke through at the start of the millennium with his international hit single “Perdono”. Since then, he has enjoyed great commercial success in several countries for which he translates his albums into their language.


  • Italian singer born in 1955
  • Started his career in 1970
  • Status: Italian singer-songwriter
  • Style: Italian chanson, pop

The artist Adelmo "Zucchero" Fornaciari has always caused a sensation, especially with major international collaborations, but also with his impeccable solo career and millions of copies distributed around the world. The Italian singer, rhythm'n'blues star has worked with Clapton, Ray Charles, Clarence Clemmons and Rufus Thomas. Collaborations that the bluesman has not stolen!

Discover our Italian Singer playlist for your parties!

To inspire you in your research, we have taken the liberty of making you a (subjective) playlist of the most famous Italian singers and their most beautiful songs! A jumble of haunting melodies and electric choruses.

The great hits of this romantic traditional music of these famous singers from pop-rock to funk via classical music form in unison the anthem of Italy.

Have you enjoyed learning more about Italian Singers ? Discover our next stories always to learn more about music...

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