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Wedding DJ in France: our Guide!

Booking a DJ for your wedding is perhaps the most reliable option for such an unforgettable event! For the best day of your life, don't compromise. Treat yourself to the luxury of choice. Invite an expert who knows the musical programming of the 80's, 90's, 00's, or any other eras that you think should be on your date of the year. In this guide, discover everything there is to know about pricing and the best DJs available for a wedding in France

Wedding DJ in France

Wedding DJ in France

Surprise your guests with the honey of a jazzy voice dancing to house melodies. Ignite your reception by offering your guests the sight of a DJ for the party  that will raise the temperature on the dance floor. We live in a wonderful time when mixing desks have given voice to an overflowing inspiration that takes countless forms under the electric impulse of the notes!

Say "yes" to your soul mate and start your union on all the music and love songs that make up the playlist of your romantic story. Let your first dances become the first chapters of a fairy tale, thanks to Linkaband and its selection of 2,000 certified DJs. In order to find a DJ for a french wedding at all costs !

How mutch will cost your Wedding ?

A wedding is expensive, we are not going to hide our face. But how much will yours cost ?

To make your job easier, Linkaband has concocted a simulator to calculate the budget for your dream wedding in just a few clicks!

How much does a DJ cost for a wedding?

In short, booking a DJ for a wedding costs around €800 for quality entertainment. Services generally start at around €200 per hour. In addition to this price, there are travel costs, costs for equipment and the possible need for accommodation for the artists. 

From 250€ : FENIX AORAS

One of our best DJs animators for weddings and a dance party. With more than 16 years in the business perfecting his mastery of turntables, he plays both in big clubs and small warm and intimate events. If he wears the cap of the Generalist, he is nonetheless very sharp in many musical styles, according to the request of the bride and groom.

He is very open to suggestions and pays attention to the musical and visual details of his performance. Fenix ​​Aoras, likes to do the "show" with his own sound / light equipment if necessary. His only condition: stay away from the microphone. He prefers to stay back to let the bride and groom and their guests shine!

DJ provider in a suit plays at a wedding reception with private concert

“What it means to me to play in a wedding.... I have two things that come to mind. The first is the challenge of finding the ideal playlist that will surprise/bring together the most people on the track at the same time, without going into the "too classic/commercial."

The second is a little more personal, it allows me to escape musically. I'm a person who loves eclecticism in music, and it's very complicated in my performances to play “everything” in the sense that I always have a musical style to follow. Marriage gives carte blanche to the DJ to play everything.”

He has a strong background in House / Deep house / Hip-Hop / RnB / Reggaeton / Electro / Latino / Rock / Trance / Tribal / Disco / Funk / 80s-90s / the list is long enough to encompass the demands of your DJ for a wedding in France !

Discover his profil

Wedding DJ rate from 380€ : KEEG

Hosting a party is an art. This is why KEEG is an artist. 13 years after its debut on Fun radio, KEEG continues its musical journey in France. Inspired by his travels around the world, he developed a passion: to share all the music he heard and that inspired him. For your wedding, he makes it a point of honour to listen to your requests.

Host DJ Keeg performs on stage at a private concert

“In my own experience as a DJ and artist, I had the chance to perform at the biggest festivals in the world such as Coachella, Dour, Osheaga, Solidays etc... It is very important to me to satisfy your audience. I am on stage to defend my music and also share an incredible moment with the public. Seeing the public with a smile is what makes me happy and it gives me a lot of strength to continue and go as far as possible in my projects. KEEG

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Wedding DJ rate from 750€ : MADEMOISELLE ELY

His selection is festive, surprising, deep and powerful, often even sensual. She likes intense vocals and explosive drops. Throughout her sets, we could find a title from Daft Punk as well as from Amélie Lens, a retro piece as well as a very sharp novelty, and this is how free and independent she sweeps away received ideas and limitless fashion effects, with the watchword: make people travel. A perfect DJette for your events!

This is how she is introduced to the world on her Linkaband profile. It's hard to find better words to describe an artist who is as passionate as she is talented wearing the colours of the "french touch". 

Miss Ely mixes at an event. Wedding DJ Award (Credit: Dean Dorat).

“Music is a key element in the success of a marriage. I am always touched by the idea of ​​being chosen to animate this precious moment and to be part of the story of a couple and a family. As DJs, we participate in strong and magical memories. It's both a big responsibility and a wonderful feeling." Miss Ely.

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Wedding DJ rate from 770€ : VICTOR RAIMONDEAU

Internationally renowned saxophonist, former member of Caravan Palace, Victor offers DJ sax services according to your needs and for any type of event. This star masters all jazz, lounge, electro, pop, disco, world music, etc. He transports you to a magical universe with the soft brassy sounds that emanate from his saxophone. It is the ideal candidate for an unforgettable French DJ for your wedding. In addition, it can also provide sound and lighting equipment.

Victor offers DJ sax services

“Huge responsibility, but what a joy to have for work, the animation of happy and important moments such as weddings and other events!" Victor Raimondea

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For more wedding DJ price comparisons and entertainment options…

Raising the sound level when you’re getting married in France means putting together a DJ evening for an unforgettable musical atmosphere.

Want to know more about what the real DJ prices are for your wedding budget? Go to Linkaband, and browse through our catalogue for your DJ.

Bryan Kulka

Bryan Kulka

Journaliste international constamment en quête d'évasion. Après avoir exploré l'Amérique Latine et l'Asie, il atterrit aujourd'hui sur la planète Linkaband pour une nouvelle aventure musicale.


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