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Mexican music in 10 muy calientes hits!

Get out the tequila and the sombreros because it's going to hit hard today!Mexican music is as hot and spicy as the country that hosts it! Very diverse, this sweet Latin serenade is present in a wide range of musical genres, styles and sensational performances. A spectacle that has been influenced by a variety of cultures around the world. Discover 10 unmissable hits that will show you why Mexican music is as powerful a symbol as the eagle on its flag!

Mexican Music: A woman wears colorful makeup and a floral ornament during the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

@fergomez: Mexico and traditional Mexican music

The origin of Mexican music is an encounter, a crossroad between indigenous and Western musical minds. The indigenous heritage is the percussions of the drums, the flute and the conch, a typical Mexican musical instrument ancestor of the trumpet. Now, the contemporary traditional music of Mexico has kept its energy and rhythms, then modernized it with new instruments like the guitar. A music of the soul was thus born, with the vocation of making people dance! That's good, it's also the vocation of Linkaband and its 15,000 musicians.

Immerse yourself in Mexican folklore by discovering the compositions and composers who animates a country in perpetual music festival with these 10 fragments of Mexican music!

10 - A well-known Mexican music: La Bamba!

Ritchie Valens - La Bamba

A tragic plane crash put an end to Ritchie Valens' career. When he died at the age of 17, when he had started his career only 8 months earlier, he left behind this fabulous masterpiece which still resounds in the evenings of the globe: La Bamba!

This young American musician of Mexican origin is inspired by a traditional song from around Veracruz, the coastal state in the southeast of the country. The story of this young man is as tragic as it is beautiful, because this title is one of the first Mexican songs, and more particularly Spanish songs, to make it into the top 50 in the United States.

For the Bamba to arrive in France, it will be necessary to wait for the 60s and the group Los Machucambos which will be the first to introduce this Mexican song in France.

  • Mexican music in a few words: "To dance the Bamba you need a little grace!" Ritchie Valens - La Bamba

9 - Mexican mariachi music: Cielito Lindo

Cielito Lindo (mariachi mexican music)

Cielito Lindo, the "lovely little sky" in English, could not exist without being accompanied by mariachis! It is part of the Mexican national repertoire and even has the national treasure status! This folkloric figure is a symbol of popular Mexico, as it generates strong patriotic emotions that remind migrant workers of the country they left behind and its precious roots.

This popular Mexican song was written in 1882 by Quirino Mendoza y Cortés. But many Mexican singers rushed to bring it back to life with a mariachi orchestra. Among them: Pedro Infante and Luciano Pavarotti.

Frequently, the guitars and songs of the Cielito Lindo orchestras replace the national anthem during major international events such as the football world cup.

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “An arrow is shot through the air! Pretty honey, Cupid threw it. If he shot it while playing, darling enough, it hurt me so much. » Quirino Mendoza y Cortés - Cielito Lindo

8- Cliché Mexican music: México Lindo y Querido

México Lindo y querido

México Lindo y Querido is a traditional Mexican mariachi and ranchero song written by Chucho Monge and made famous by singer Jorge Negrete. It is widely known in the Spanish-speaking world for its characterization of patriotism and loyalty to the land of Mexico and has been performed by many well-known artists, including Bertín Osborne, Ana Gabriel and Vicente Fernández and Pedro Fernández.

The irony is that Jorge Negrete spent his life singing the following lyrics:

México Lindo y Querido, si muero lejos de ti que digan que estoy dormido y que me traigan aquí, i.e., "My beautiful and beloved Mexico, should I die far from you, let - tell them I'm asleep and bring me back to you! ". However, the singer died far from his land in Los Angeles after succumbing to hepatitis at just 42 years old.

Jorge Negrete can still sleep soundly, because his body has been repatriated and now rests in the pantheon of artists in the capital Mexico City.

  • Mexican music in a few words: "The voice of my guitar wants to sing its joy to my Mexican land when the morning wakes up. I sing about its volcanoes, its meadows and its flowers which are like talismans of love among my loves. My beautiful and beloved Mexico, should I die far from you, let them say that I sleep and bring me back to you!" Chucho Monge - México lindo y querido

7- Sad Mexican music: Solamente una vez

Solamente una vez (Mexican music known YouTube)

“Only once, I have loved in life. Only once. And nothing more. Not once again. Listening to the song "One Time Only" by Agustín Lara, listeners of his tunes usually think of a romantic song that tells us about a sulphurous love relationship between two strangers. Fake ! Agustín Lara's inspiration came from his friend José Mojica's decision to abandon himself to religious life. It's sad, but it's also beautiful to keep you chopping onions all night!

When Mexicans aren't taking the dance floor by storm, they're melting our hearts. This country maintains a boiling passion for everything directly or indirectly related to love. It is repeated many times by the Anglo-Saxons under the name You Belong to My Heart. Among its greatest performers: Daniel Rodríguez, Arielle Dombasle, Julio Iglesias, Luis Miguel and Cliff Richard.

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “Once, nothing more, hope shone in my garden. The hope that lights the way to my loneliness. Once, nothing more. The soul surrenders. With a gentle and total renunciation." Agustín Lar - Solamente una vez

6- Current Mexican music: Arriba!

Natanael Cano - Arriba (Famous Mexican Music)

So there we take a big turn and we change register and era! Why Natanael Cano? Just check the Mexican charts and you'll find it in the top 10. For several years the Mexican hip-hop is on the rise! The Despacito effect by Luiz Fonsi (Puerto Rican) has taken radio stations around the world by storm. Today, Westerners love this music that they do not know how to translate, but which makes them travel to these countries of a thousand colors!

Rapper Natanael Cano is the leader of the group Los corridos tumbados. These 21st century artists add hip-hop beats, over 150 years of traditional Mexican music and folk songs. It was after a collaboration with the star Bad Bunny on the remix single Soy el Diablo, that Cano rubbed shoulders with the cream of Mexican artists.

Since adolescence, the young man has taken over the Mexican YouTube home page with clips such as El F1 and El Drip, which have accumulated tens of millions of views. A successful bet!

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “You tell me if you want to be with me or if I better go. Your kisses say you love me, but your words don't." Natanael Cano - Arriba

5- Mexican rap music: ¿Comprendes, Mendes?

Control Machete - ¿Understand, Mendes?

Control Machete is the reference of Mexican hip-hop! The group won 2 MTV Awards and was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album for their incredible recordings that helped make this musical genre a continental benchmark. Quite a resume! And if you were a fan of hip-hop in the 90s, you have surely heard one of their hits!

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “The devil loses his leash when surrounded by madmen.” Control Machete - ¿Comprendes, Mendes?

4- The typical Mexican music of lovers: Bésame mucho

Cesaria Evora - Besame Mucho (YouTube Soft Mexican Music)

Bésame mucho, in French, “kiss me a lot”. More than Mexican music, it is a magnificent order to give to the loved one... The song was written in 1940 by the Mexican composer Consuelo Velázquez. The story goes that she would have written it without knowing what it really meant. Coming from a very practicing Catholic family, this act, outside marriage, was considered a sin.

Repeated several times, a famous version from 1956 is sung by singer Gigliola Cinquetti accompanied by Trio Los Panchos. It is a famous bolero (type of traditional Spanish dance). In 1999, the masterpiece was recognized as the most sung Mexican song in the world!

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “I want to have you right next to me. Look me in your eyes and see you next to me. I think maybe tomorrow I will be far from where you will be. Kiss me more, kiss me more than once, as if this beautiful night were the very last time." Cesaria Evora - Besame Mucho

3- La musique mexicaine connue trompette : El Jarabe Tapatio !

Mariachi Vargas - El Jarabe Tapatio (musique mexicaine traditionnelle YouTube)

The Jarabe Tapatío is a Mexican folk dance, often considered the national dance of Mexico. Internationally, it is better known as the Mexican hat dance. Very intimate, it is danced as a couple. And when it's done well, you almost want to give the couple a little more privacy. Because originally, it was a courtship dance for those looking for love in Guadalajara during the 19th century.

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “In Jalisco, the Jarabe is danced. Since nobody knows how to dance to the rhythm of guitars and basses, the Jarabe will hit hard." Mariachi Vargas - El Jarabe Tapatio

2 - Modern instrumental Mexican music: Ni Una Sola Palabra!

Paulina Rubio - Ni Una Sola Palabra

Ni Una Sola Palabra, in English "not a single word" is the first official single from the debut album of Paulina Rubio Ananda alias, the "Queen of Latin Pop". It was Paulina's third US pop hit, which reached No. 98 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The music is composed by Xabier San Martín member of the Mexican and Spanish music group La Oreja de Van Gogh. Paulina Rubio's voice propelled her to Latin American radio channels in 2006.

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “Not a single word, not a gesture, not a passionate look, not a trace of the kisses he gave you until dawn, not one of his smiles. And every night, every day, there are those eyes in which you now see yourself crying. " Paulina Rubio - Ni Una Sola Palabra

1- Popular Mexican music: Adiós Amor!

Christian Nodal - Adios Amor

Typical Mexican music! If you have ever had the chance to spend a delicious evening in the company of Mexicans, there is a good chance that this music was chanted to you around 3am.

Adios Amor, “Goodbye my love”, the song was born in the mind of composer Salvador Garza. The ballad was first released by Mexican music group Los Dareyes de la Sierra in 2008.

Guitarist and singer Christian Nodal was quickly inspired by these heartbreaking farewells and decided to record the song with mariachis and made a more rhythmic version so that bolero lovers could try out some dance steps while listening to it. during a ball.

  • Mexican music in a nutshell: “You are not the same and you treat me badly. And before my God, I could swear to you, how much I loved you and how much I still love you. Goodbye My Love. I'm out of your life. And this time it's forever. I leave without hesitation, because it would be fatal." Christian Nodal - Adiós Amor

Have you enjoyed learning more about Mexican Musics ? Discover our next stories always to learn more about music...

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