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With his big round head full of spikes and his baby face, Tryt0n is a young electronic artist known for his iconic alien helmet and being so close to his

Accumulating thousands of fans across the world, he keeps pushing boundaries by trying new music genres and making his sound evolve by releasing tracks that reflects some impacting periods of his life to share and express himself "I don't like releasing music that doesn't have a deep meaning to me. Every track I put out is a piece of a puzzle that impacted my life at some point, and it tells my story from the first day I started releasing music. Everything I made since day one is for a reason, not a result»

The name tryt0n originally come from the fact that he used to fish baby tritons in his lake when he was as tall as three apples and admired them for long hours completely fascinated by this creature.

He started at the age of 6 playing the piano by ear and took lessons for 2 years when he used to live in Singapore. He got into computer assisted music production after being heavily impacted by dubstep and trap music during his first year in highschool.

Always being a fan of wearing masks and watching Marvel films for the stunning costumes and being a shy person in general, a helmet to hide himself was an obvious choice.

His projects for this year are to release his new album "Unreal Future", blending different genres such as progressive house, electro, dubstep and orchestral music & starting to plan shows for 2022


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1 Musicien


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