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Tondi Rams is a singer, songwriter and producer born in South Africa. He started singing at an early age, mimicking the likes of Usher and Michael Jackson; who he says inspired him to want to be a musician. He also accredits his musical interest to his elder brother's influence, from locking himself at a young age in his room trying to replicate the process he had seen his brother perform.

After completing High School in 2009, he took a gap year of which he admits his musical passion was set aflame even more as he got to write a lot of songs and was certain that music is his calling. He went on to study a Certificate in Music at the University of Venda and also studied Music Production and Sound Engineering for a year after that.

A performer at heart, Tondi Rams never seems to fail at making a great first impression the moment he takes the stage. He has an endearing on and off stage personality and knows how to engage with the crowd. When asked how he performs so well his response was, "I've spent a lot of time performing in-front of the mirror as if I'm performing for thousands! I actually dress up and start performing for myself, and sometimes it looks like I'm crazy, but I'm fine with that" he chuckles.

His music style is versatile, but can be generalised as Pop and R&B. He is inspired by music artists like John Legend, Ed Sheehan, John Mayer, Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Harry Styles and others. Tondi Rams is definitely an artist to watch.

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