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Emerging from a thick fog in the North West of France, the mystical entity now known as «Strange Dusk» has been spotted in different areas since 2013... but only at nightfall. Live shows start in Angoulême (France), in 2015, and then spread.
Gathering murky melodies, punk guitars and violent bass riffs, Strange Dusk’s heavy synthpunk finds its roots in the 80’s horror movies and gloomy church sounds.
Firstly inspired by the brutality of the early Bloody Beetroots rhythmics, the glitchy harmonies of Justice and the poetry of Daft Punk and The Toxic Avenger (with whom he plays live to promote the release of the movie «Mutafukaz» in 2018), his music is also characterized by gothic samples, highly saturated synthesisers and hard rock influences - which allows him to possess both metalheads and technoheads.
In 2016, he is summoned by 5 000 students in Poitiers for the «Barbecuite» festival night.
He later works on a remix of swedish metal band Ghost’s «Cirice», and on a first album «The Gathering», released in 2019. Strange Dusk hides his spook face behind a mask, but what he really wants to do is gathering many music genres, and all kinds of rebelious people.
Will you dare to join the other faithfulls ?


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1 Musicien


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