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I am jazz guitarist, living in London city. I have been playing jazz and modern jazz guitar for 20 years. I run my jazz trio, we play jazz standards and original compositions written by me. I also do quarters and quintets with horn player and/or piano player. I have played on tours for multiple artists and with my trio. Countries I have toured include UK, USA, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany. I have played at all the most important jazz clubs in London , including Ronnies Scotts, Vortex, Charlie Wrights, 606. As well as being a soloist I also play with singers and instrumentalists in duos. Some examples of my duo work can be seen on my Instagram page. Although I play more jazz gigs, I am also play whatever person who books me require. That includes bosa nova, samba, blues, pop and funk, african music, world music. Some of the artists I played with are Amy Winehouse, Ian Da Preda ( Italy), Dana Elle ( Israel), Claudia Vau, Jo N Gala, Esther Bennet, Esta B Daley, Mario Castronari, Deborah Carew, Benet McLean, Jonas de Beloved, Alma Lansiquot, Indra Red, Steadman, Myco Criss and many more...


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