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Born in Chile and having grown up in the Netherlands and in France, Martina’s upbringing and culture transcend geographic boundaries. She started playing the drums when she was 11 and soon afterwards she picked up the guitar and taught herself how to play it. By the time she was 20, she already had a full album of personal treasures that reflected the inner beauty of her soul, yet never performed to anyone out of her private circle.
Upon graduation, she proceeded to enrol in Université Paris 8, where she currently reads Musicology. It was there that she met Baptiste Mourot and Santiago Barreto Simpson. The three then founded the Comadres, a Paris-based pop-folk band.
Although her songs are an intimate introspection into her mind and heart, Martina’s angelic and soothing voice is enough to take you away into her world. Her imagery is simple yet clever and inviting. The feelings that her music gives voice to are relatable to anyone, yet she manages to express them in a way which enables you to shut yourself out from the rest of the world.
So, close your eyes, sail through her songs, feel the summer breeze and smile at this young woman’s unapologetically genuine and sincere view on life.
A devoted friend and fan.

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30/04/2018 - Paris - Concert au Gambetta Club

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