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Seine Saint Denis - 93 (peut se déplacer)

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Kaahem started his career as a producer, working with artists in from his neighbourhood in Paris.

Travelling freqently between Paris, Berlin and Kinshasa, Kaahem has managed to build a bridge between different musical cultures: he is able to connect his Congolese and French heritage to the European sounds of the clubs in Berlin.

Supported by friends and family, he decided to step up and started to rap and write lyrics. He joined 339, a formation made up of rappers, singers and musicians from various backgrounds.

Raised by a music loving father, a mother that works as a tailor and his sister Laetitia, - a fashion stylist who workes with Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyoncé - Kaahem got introduced to arts at a very early age.

Kaahem will continue to spend his time between writing, producing and playing live. More releases schedules for ...2019

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