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Pop with a touch of Soul and Hip Hop, Imelda & Clyde is a unique and charismatic duo from Switzerland.

With Imelda on the keys, Clyde on the drums and both of them joining on the vocals and composition, their music is a journey where bridges are build between different genres, mixing both their cultural ethnic influences with their contemporary inspirations.

It all started in 2016 when the two of them performed together for the first time in Lausanne, city where they both grew up. It didn't take long for them to get noticed. Less than a year later, they got the amazing opportunity to perform during the grand Montreux Jazz Festival as one of its main stage Auditorium Stravinski's headliners. A few months after this life-changing experience, the young duo self-produced their first and acoustic EP Not Alone, recorded at Metropolis Studios in London and released in April 2018.

Going out of their comfort zone has always been one of their ultimate goals. They released their new single and first music video "Everything Matters" on the 1st of June 2019. Now also performing with their two other band members, Dimitri Cochard (bass) and Arnaud Paolini (guitar), they are working on their new album and keep challenging themselves to go where no one suspects them to...


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Imelda & Clyde - Duo

2 Musiciens


À partir de 1280 €

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Concerts passés

15/12/2018 - Lausanne, Suisse - VIBZ Gala - Casino de Montbenon

14/12/2018 - Genève, Suisse - Bouffon de La Taverne

21/11/2018 - Genève, Suisse - Masterclass et Concert à l'ETM

08/11/2018 - Lausanne, Suisse - #CINÉ

20/10/2018 - Yverdon-Les-Bains, Suisse - Concert au Citrons Masqués

13/10/2018 - Fribourg, Suisse - Concert à La Spirale

30/09/2018 - Londres, UK - Concert à The Islington

22/09/2018 - Romont, Suisse - Festival 20 Heures de Musiques de Romont

07/06/2018 - Lausanne, Suisse - Paradiso - RTS (Live Radio Performance)

06/06/2018 - Orbe, Suisse - Radio Nord Vaudois Unplugged

27/04/2018 - Lausanne, Suisse - Vernissage EP, Casino de Montbenon

01/12/2017 - Lausanne, Suisse - Around The Bass Festival

15/10/2017 - Lausanne, Suisse - Viva La Revol'Union Festival

22/09/2017 - Lutry, Suisse - Fête des Vendanges

08/07/2017 - Montreux, Suisse - Montreux Jazz Festival, Terrasse Nestlé

04/07/2017 - Montreux, Suisse - Stravinski, Montreux Jazz Festival

01/07/2017 - Lausanne, Suisse - Live Radio Performance (RTS)

16/06/2017 - Genève, Suisse - Concert Manoir de Cologny

18/12/2016 - Lausanne, Suisse - Concert Beau-Rivage Palace

16/12/2016 - Lausanne, Suisse - A Time To Remember II Casino de Montbeno

04/12/2016 - Lausanne, Suisse - Concert Beau-Rivage Palace

01/12/2016 - Lausanne, Suisse - Live TV performance

24/09/2016 - Lutry, Suisse - Fête des Vendanges

03/09/2016 - Cully, Suisse - Into The Yard Festival

02/07/2016 - Montreux, Suisse - Montreux Jazz Festival - Terrasse Nestlé

06/05/2016 - Lausanne, Suisse - Concert à La Datcha

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